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Blessed with clean mountain air, beautiful landscapes, endless outdoor recreation, state and national parks, historic downtown charm, wonderful restaurants and night spots, and a colorful Western legacy, Flagstaff, Arizona is an alluring destination for travelers seeking the adventure, natural majesty, and open spaces of the American West. Surrounded by the West’s stunning country and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Coconino National Forest, San Francisco Peaks, Red Rocks of Sedona and the rugged deserts of Native American nations, Flagstaff offers a multitude of cultural, historic, archeological and scientific attractions. Grand Canyon National Park, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Wupatki National Monument and Meteor Crater are easy driving distance of our Flagstaff hotel.
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Historic Downtown At Flagstaff

Historic Downtown Flagstaff.

Along downtown Flagstaff’s historic 1890’s streets are diverse shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, outdoor outfitters, unique bookstores and a variety of wonderful restaurants, cafes and microbreweries. At night, this charming Historic Downtown heats up with live entertainment at lively bars and eateries. A friendly gathering spot in the heart of downtown, Heritage Square offers free entertainment events including a live music series called “Thursdays on the Square” and the summertime “Movies on the Square.

Northern Arizona University.

Located on 740 acres in Flagstaff, Arizona, Northern Arizona University (NAU) provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate education as well as professional and research programs. Nestled in the cool pines of Flagstaff, the stimulating campus offers a variety of performing arts, athletic events and fine art exhibits throughout the year. Enjoy impressive exhibits at NAU Art Museum, engaging theater productions and symphony performances, or cheer on the Lumberjack sports teams. Northern Arizona University ranks as one of the Top 100 best public colleges in the US. Visit .
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Flagstaff Arizona Walkup Skydome

Walkup Skydome.

Located at NAU, J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome is the second largest clear-span timber dome in the world. Built entirely of laminated all-wood beams, the Skydome is a multipurpose sports and entertainment facility that hosts football, basketball, track and field, soccer, weight lifting, and lacrosse events, as well as intra-mural sports, student recreation, concerts commencements, and a variety of university and community activities. The Skydome is the NAU center for the successful NAU Lumberjacks, seating 15,000 sports fans. Visit .

Lowell Observatory.

Founded in 1894, Lowell Observatory is a research institution that studies the solar system, astronomy and astronomical phenomena. The observatory has been the site of many important findings including the discovery that the universe is expanding and of Pluto in 1930. Using ground and space telescopes and NASA planetary spacecraft, Lowell astronomers conduct research on the solar system and astrophysics. Enjoy tours and telescope viewings at the Mars Hill campus in Flagstaff, Anderson Mesa dark sky site and the Rotunda Museum. The visitor center offers interactive exhibits and tours to the Clark Telescope, the classic 24-inch refracting telescope built by Lowell in 1896, and Pluto Discovery Telescope. A digital planetarium, McAllister Space Theatre features shows of the night sky. Visit .
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Riordan Mansion State Historic Park.

An Arizona treasure built in 1904, the historic mansion is an impressive symbol of elegant living in a small logging town. The mansion is a remarkable example of Arts and Crafts style architecture, featuring a rustic exterior of log-slab siding, volcanic stone arches, and hand-split wooden shingles. The expansive home features 40 rooms, 13,000 sq. ft. of living space, and servant's quarters. A tour guide leads you through this pristine home, filled with original artifacts, handcrafted furniture and mementos of the Riordan families, as well as the beautiful park with a visitor center and picnic tables. The home contains an exceptional collection of Craftsman furnishings by Edison, Stickley, Ellis, and Steinway. The first floor of the West Wing provides displays about the family, Arts and Crafts movement, and local interests. Visit .

Flagstaff Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort

Snowbowl Ski Resort.

Located on the majestic San Francisco Peaks in Coconino National Forest, Arizona Snowbowl is one of the oldest ski areas in the U.S. Skiers and snowboarders enjoy 32 scenic alpine trails, 2300 feet of vertical drop, challenging runs, four lifts and an average snowfall of 260 inches. With a long history of entertaining skiers and boarders, Snowbowl offers the best learning terrain in the southwest, with over 50 acres, ski lessons, and two chairlifts in the Hart Prairie beginner area. Intermediate and advanced snowriders can experience steep and challenging trails, while kids enjoy the SKIwee or Ridge Runner programs. Snowbowl has two lodges with restaurants, bars, and sport shops. Visit .
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The Arboretum at Flagstaff.

Situated at an elevation of 7,150 feet, “America's Mountain Garden” features one of the nation's largest collections of high-country wildflowers. Explore this beautiful 200-acre botanical garden and nature preserve with a scenic nature trail through a ponderosa pine forest, spectacular views of the San Francisco Peaks, daily live birds of prey programs, a gift shop and guided tours at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Open April - October. Visit .

Meteor Crater.

Formed 50,000 years ago by the impact of a giant meteor weighing several hundred thousand tons, Meteor Crater is 550 feet deep, 2.4 miles in circumference and almost one mile across. The Meteor Crater Visitor Center features 24 exciting exhibits, interactive displays, a large-screen theater, the Astronaut Wall of Fame, an Apollo space capsule, and large meteorite specimens that created Meteor Crater, including a 1,406 pound meteorite fragment, the largest found in the area. View the crater from inside the rim at four observation areas and pathways, or peer into observation telescopes and get a close look at distant walls. Guided rim tours take you 1/3 mile around the crater rim. Stop by the gift shop for souvenirs, gifts, rocks and jewelry, or enjoy a picnic at Astronaut Memorial Park. Visit.
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Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Explore the cliff dwellings and pueblos where American Indian peoples lived 800 years ago. See the dramatic geology, diverse vegetation and abundant wildlife that helped the pueblo community survive. Built deep within canyon walls, the cliff homes of Walnut Canyon give information that sparks archeological theories and confirms the tales and traditions of Native American peoples, who have strong ties to this Flagstaff Area National Monument. Hike the challenging one-mile Island Trail that descends into Walnut Canyon and explore 25 cliff dwellings, spectacular canyon scenery and plantlife in a unique canyon environment. The shorter Rim Trail offers scenic overlooks, forest and a pithouse. Visit

Wupatki National Monument

- Explore the rock walls of 800-year-old pueblos that dot a desert landscape - once home to thousands of people. Visitor Center exhibits tell the story of how this culture survived in the warm, dry Colorado Plateau by farming, hunting, gathering, and trading. A self-guided trails leads to five prehistoric pueblos, including Wupatki - the largest pueblo in the park - Lomaki, Wukoki, Citadel, and Nalakihu. While Wupatki appears abandoned, the Hopi believe the people who lived and died here remain as spiritual guardians. Look out across the Wupatki grasslands to the Painted Desert. Open Daily. Visit
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Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

Take the scenic drive to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, which climbs from desert to mountain landscapes. Created by powerful volcanic eruptions over 900 years ago, Sunset Crater altered the landscape and ecology forever. Explore the base of Sunset Crater, the youngest volcano on the Colorado Plateau, on the 1-mile Lava Flow Trail that winds through a volcanic landscape of rugged lava fields and colorful cinder cones. From the self-guided trail you see spectacular geologic features, the return of life - trees, wildflowers and wildlife - and views of San Francisco Peaks. Visitor Center exhibits explain the volcano’s powerful geologic forces and the aftermath of the eruption. Sunset is part of the San Francisco volcanic field of 600 volcanoes. Visit .

Museum Of Northern Arizona

Museum of Northern Arizona.

Set in one of the Earth’s most spectacular landscapes, the MNA is one of the most exciting regional museums in the country. Celebrating its 80th year, the museum evokes the spirit of the people and lands of the Colorado Plateau. The Museum of Northern Arizona houses nearly 5 million objects in its anthropology, biology, fine art, and geology collections. Nine exhibit galleries highlight diverse Native cultures, tribal lifeways, natural sciences, ecology and arts of Northern Arizona. The Fine Art Collection features paintings, sculptures, and etchings by Museum co-founder Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton and works by Native American artists. Visit .
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Homolovi Ruins State Park.

The stunning landscape of Homolovi Ruins State Park reveals Pueblo Indian ruins and heritage. High in the grasslands of Northern Arizona along the sandy slopes of the Little Colorado River, Homolovi - Hopi for “Place of the Little Hills”- was once the crossroads of trade during pre-Columbian times and home to ancient people who traveled north to the mesas of the Hopi. A sacred land of the Hopi people, Homolovi Ruins State Park is a research center for the migration period of the Hopi from the 1200s to the late 1300s, where archaeologists study broken pottery and stone fragments that unravel the history of Homolovi. Explore the 4,000 acre park, sacred sites, trails, and grounds that include a campground and picnic tables. The Visitor Center features archeology exhibits, prehistoric artifacts, and displays of art and pottery that reflect Hopi heritage. Visit

Oak Creek Canyon Flagstaff Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon.

A steep, narrow and very colorful gorge a few miles south of Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon is a spectacular destination for outdoor recreation and sightseeing. With its colorful rocks and unique formations, the wild chasm is a breathtaking landscape of switchbacks, pathways and trails that snake through the crimson cliffs and crystal pools. Explore miles of scenic hiking trails, swimming holes, natural waterslides, creeks, overlooks and picnic areas. Oak Creek Canyon is a popular spot for hiking, biking, fishing, swimming and photography. The vista at Midgely Bridge is unforgettable.
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Petrified Forest National Park.

A land of scenic wonders and amazing science, Petrified Forest National Park is the site of the world's largest and most colorful forest of petrified wood. Enjoy walking, hiking, horseback riding and exploring 52,000 acres of wilderness, the colored badlands of the Painted Desert, archeological sites, historic structures, and 200-million-year-old fossils. Hike and bike on the Puerco Pueblo Trail and Giant Logs Trail, drive Blue Mesa Road or take a guided tour of the dramatic beauty and history of this ecosystem. Discover over 13,000 years of human history, archeological objects of the Hopi and Navajo cultures, geological specimens, Triassic fossils, and diverse wildlife. Take in breathtaking vistas of the Painted Dessert, a natural canvas of colorful badland hills and buttes that dazzle in the Arizona sun, and visit Kachina Point and Rainbow Forest Museum.

Coconino National Forest At Flagstaff Arizona

Coconino National Forest.

With elevations from 2,600 to 12,633 feet, Coconino National Forest offers a breathtaking landscape - from the Red Rocks of Sedona to the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest to alpine tundra. Explore mountains and canyons, fish forest lakes, creeks and streams. Coconino is a recreational paradise for hiking, backpacking, trail cycling, horseback riding, picnicking, boating, fishing, and winter snowshoeing, cross-country and alpine skiing. Venture into the Peaks District’s mountain forests and meadows. Go fishing and boating on Mormon Lake, Arizona's largest natural lake, and take in far-reaching views from the rugged Mogollon Rim. Explore colorful buttes, pinnacles, mesas, crimson cliffs and red rock canyons, including Oak Creek Canyon. Soaring above the forest, San Francisco Peaks is a haven for hikers and skiers.

Grand Canyon National Park.

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a colorful, steep gorge carved by the Colorado River. The colossal chasm is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep. A natural treasure of jaw-dropping beauty and majesty, the Grand Canyon transcends experience. Explore back-country roads and scenic hiking trails along the South Rim, savor magical sunsets across spires and buttes, raft down the raging Colorado River, or enjoy helicopter tours into the basin. Hike down the canyon to the river on the Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, New Hance Trail, Widforss Trail and steep Lava Falls Trail, or hike the paved 13-mile Rim Trail with viewpoints along the South Rim. Get amazing eagle-eye views from the Grand Canyon Skywalk suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. Drive to the Grand Canyon Railway, a century-old rail train that takes you to the Grand Canyon Depot. Visit .
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